Celebrate National Lipstick Day With These Gorgeous Shades

Published on 07/29/2020

Did you know that there is an entire day dedicated to the amazing beauty product? National Lipstick Day is celebrated on July,29 every year and encourages all women to pucker up and put on their best shade. Of course, we all have our favorite color or brand but from time to time we also love to switch things up a bit depending on our mood or the occasion. No matter your style, lipstick is a great go-to when it comes to adding to your look. Take a look at these popular shaded of lipstick that everyone can enjoy.

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Celebrate National Lipstick Day With These Popular Shades

Schiap – NARS Cosmetics

This hot pink lipstick from NARS Cosmetics has a gorgeous velvety, semi-matte texture. This is considered to be one of the most loved pink lipstick out there. It’s super flattering for nearly every skin tone and what’s even greater is that makes your pearly whites stand out. For those who don’t wear a lot of makeup, just one swipe of this lipstick will make you look and feel so energetic.

Fire and Ice – Revlon

This red shade is definitely one of the oldest lipstick but still remains extremely popular by so many. Revlon first came out with this stunning lipstick back in 1952 and has remained a power that every woman should have in their bag. The gorgeous Fire and Ice has been proven to look amazing on every woman, no matter her skin tone!

Modesty – MAC Cosmetics

Modesty lipstick is a neutral-toned, muted pink shade with a beautiful natural finish. It can also be considered as more of nude lipstick, but no matter what this shade always looks great on any set of lips. You’ll be receiving tons of compliments this summer.

Fuchsia -YSL

Defintely one of the most gorgeous lipsticks to ever be made. This Yves Saint Laurent lipstick is for sure a makeup bag essential for every woman, especially for the summer. For those who are looking to have a more bold look, this is the one for you. Many women have also said that Fuchsia has worn well for at least 5 hours – how great is that?

Bare – Bobbi Brown

Another nude shade for all those who dont like to take too many risks with color. Although on some skin tones this shade could look somewhat brown, we highly recommned this lipstick for eveyroen. It really is abdsouyltey beautifuyul! The texture is smooth and soft and so comfortable to wear. This is an all year round shade and can be paired with any look or outfit.

Love Drunk – Urban Decay

Love Drunk is said to be one of Urban Decay’s most popular and best selling lipstick. The shade is an exquist darker red with a satin finsih. Now, you’re proabbly thinking red wont go with my skin tone but trust us its been proven to look amazing on every set of lips. Although this one is reletavely new, it was one lipstick that became bery popular, very quickly. This shade is also perfect for a fun ladies night out or the romatic date you’ve been looking forward to.