9 Habits That Will Make Your Life More Relaxed

Published on 09/20/2021

Are you sometimes so stressed that you no longer know where up and down is? Then get used to these seven things …

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7 Habits That Will Make Your Life More Relaxed

The 10 Min Ritual

Think about it: what is particularly good for you in stressful times? Is it a delicious tea? Have a power nap or read the newspaper? Pick a ritual that you can celebrate for ten minutes each day. You will see: If you incorporate it regularly into everyday life, it is a great balance!

Get Up Earlier

And if it’s only 15 minutes – it brings something! After showering, you can check the weather report in peace, take your time choosing your clothes or cuddle up with your loved one for ten minutes longer. When everything is clocked down to the minute in the morning, it is pure stress!

Read Your Favorite Quotes

Make a small collection of quotes that you like. Whether wisdom from Buddha, philosophers or celebrities – everything that sounds good to you goes into the little book. Regularly take a few minutes to leaf through it. Flatter your soul, at least for a moment.

Take Your Time To Eat

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner: try to eat consciously and not do anything on the side. Focus entirely on the taste of the meal. Only then can you really enjoy it – and relax.

Take One Day Off A Week

Regardless of whether it is Saturday, Sunday or during the week: You shouldn’t plan on anything for one day and just live into the day. What do you feel like spontaneously? It feels so good to have 24 hours just for yourself.

Put Anger In The Frustration Box

Are you extremely upset about something? Then don’t worry about it all day, but try to lock the thing up in a box. In the evening you take ten minutes to open the box. If the frustration is still topical, you can really get angry and deal intensively with the topic. But then that’s enough – and you lock the annoyance tightly in the box again.

Do The Positive Check

Before you go to sleep in the evening, think about three things that were good about your day. Did the baker put an extra roll in the bag for you, the man at the supermarket checkout let you in, or did you get praise from the boss? Just take a quick look back – and you’ll fall asleep much better.

Put Your Smartphone Away

Modern devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops can make our lives easier. Quite a few people are also stressed because they have to or want to be permanently available. So why not take a cell-free day and lock the cell phone away? You will be amazed how relaxing it can be.


For the body, stress is synonymous with a state of emergency. The blood pressure rises, the muscles are supplied with more blood, the ability to concentrate and the brain performance decrease. Drinking water can at least help alleviate the effects somewhat. Because water is so essential for the brain, in particular – where the stress arises.