8 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Published on 02/21/2022

What makes a happy relationship? And can the feeling of being in love somehow be preserved? Here are 8 things you can improve immediately in your relationship.

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5 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Friendship Is The Basis

Many couples were good friends before their relationship. That helps the later partnership enormously. They already know each other and they could slowly learn to love each other.

Don’t Just Live For The Partner

Do you spend every free minute together? Nobody has their own hobbies or friends anymore? Not good at all, because going it alone also brings a breath of fresh air into the relationship. So keep friends, leisure activities and Co. – so you stay exciting.

Sleep Is The Secret

The bed is also important in other ways. You know that little sleep and high stress is the worst combination for your mood. You are automatically more irritable and sometimes start discussions that would not have arisen under other circumstances.

Making Time For Each Other

In a healthy relationship, partners may rely on each other — but they never take each other for granted. They consciously take time for each other and value shared experiences that strengthen their bond. Only then, say experts, does love have a chance of lasting in the long term.

You Argue At Eye Level

As US researchers found out in a large-scale long-term study, couples who resolve conflicts with the same strategy live happily and healthily together longer than those where the partners deal with conflicts differently. So if you both prefer to actively and emotionally and assertively eliminate disagreements, that’s a good sign for your relationship. Likewise, if you both tend to wait until things calm down on their own. If, on the other hand, you rely on different strategies, there is a greater risk that at least one of you could become unhappy in the relationship in the long term.

Change Binds You Together

Change is a test for most partnerships. But in a stable relationship, the partners trust that changes cannot separate them. As partners gain experience, they become more confident as they experience that they have created common values and achieved goals. This inspires confidence and optimism.

You Are At Peace With Yourself

A healthy relationship requires self-love and self-confidence on the part of both partners. Only when you’re at peace with yourself will others be willing to love you the way you are. Anyone who takes refuge in a couple relationship because they feel lonely, can’t be alone or are looking for someone who supports him in every situation, sooner or later he will lose his partner.

You Influence Each Other

Yes, you read right. In a healthy relationship, partners should influence each other, however, not actively, but rather passively. Because they admire each other, respect each other and just think it’s great. Because just like your partner is your best friend, he or she is also your most trusted advisor, the person you confide in, and your greatest inspiration. No wonder, happy couples often become more alike over time. Not because one is specifically trying to change the other, but because both – consciously or unconsciously – take over from the other what they particularly admire about him.