Renting A Car On Your Next Getaway? Save Major Cash With These Tips

Published on 10/16/2019

It’s quite common for travelers to rent a car when visiting their destination. There’s no better way to get around and see the city than on your own time. Who’s with us? Whether you’re heading across the country, or simply want to drive yourself to a from the airport, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to ensure you rent a car with ease. Make sure to follow these points if you want to save yourself some money and avoid a lot of hassle! Come along for the ride!

Join The Loyalty Rewards Program

Most car rental companies have a loyalty rewards program for members. Signing up is quite easy, and the membership is almost always free. You’ll enjoy skipping the long lines and free upgrades.

Bring Your Coupons

Before swiping your credit card, search the web for coupons…trust us, they’re there! Even if you already receive a discount through a frequent flyer or loyalty rewards program, you can still use your coupons. Car rental powerhouses such as Hertz, Avis, Budget and National all offer coupons, just ask!

Ask If You Apply For Discounts

Right when you pull up to the dealership, your first question should be about their discounts. Seniors, AAA members, military, and even corporate companies enjoy major reductions.

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Renting A Car On Your Next Getaway? Save Major Cash With These Tips

Shop Around

Before deciding on one place, in particular, be sure to do your research. Websites like, Priceline and let you compare car rental company’s prices. It is imperative you don’t skip this step, it’ll save you hundreds!

Pay Up-Front

Most car rental companies offer two different rates: a rate for those who pay up-front and a rate for those who prefer to pay when they pick-up their vehicle. Research shows that when renting a Ford Focus, you save $6/day when pre-paying. The more expensive the car you rent, the higher your savings!

Skip The Airport

Although the airport is the easiest and most convenient place to rent a car, it is also the most expensive. Get ready to pay upwards of 10-30% more for a car, oh, and there’s an added airport concession fee. It’s worth your while to cab into elsewhere and rent a car from there.