Most Luxurious Airbnb’s In The US

Published on 09/07/2020

Airbnb started out with two friends who rented out their mattresses on their loft apartment floor and boy has it come along way since then. Airbnb’s are taking over in terms of the latest and greatest way to vacation, with innovative accommodation that ranges in style and luxury in accordance with price range. We are talking a standard apartment or a villa equipped with a private chef, this innovative direction is the future and has made traveling that much more spectacular. The US has a variety of luxury properties up for rent. From Country to City the coolest Airbnb’s are closer than you would expect. From Las Vegas to Hawaii these Airbnb’s are next level luxury, with all your needs being met and every amenity at your fingertips if you have some extra cash dollar to blow these are for you.

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Most Luxurious Airbnb’s In The US

Malibu Beach

The luxury Tuscan villa in Malibu Beach can cost up to $3,500. With only the best finishings, multiple fireplaces, his and hers bathtubs that overlook the ocean, a pool and of course, a spa this Airbnb is one of the most luxurious out there. The property is set over Zuma Beach, with an attachment to four areas of garden. The villa sleeps for more than 12 people in its 6 bedrooms.

Woodland Hills

Situated in the Walnut Acres of Los Angeles the greenhouse and gardens property is rooted in charm and taste. The property accommodates a maximum of 60 guests and is equipped with a lawn, garden, covered patios, and greenhouse. The premises are usually used for weddings and big functions, with a small cottage on the property allowing for more exclusivity usually for the bride and groom. The property goes for $2,000 a night.

Las Vegas

If you are looking to change up your usual Vegas experience, the 2810 Private Resort is the best it gets when it comes to luxury. Fully equipped with all the same amenities as a five-star hotel and situated five minutes away from the strip, this as prime as any spot can get. The heated-swimming pool has real Malibu beach sand- this is how luxurious we are talking. Costing roughly $3,000 a night the resort accommodates more than 16 people, with 10 bedrooms, 15 beds, and 6 bathrooms.

San Diego

The listing is called Mega Mansion for good reason. At $2,500 per night the mansion is equipped with everything you could want, need or dream of- a bowling alley, tennis court, playground, movie theatre, and a nightclub. The 21,000-foot property can sleep up to 14 guests in 7 bedrooms and has 8 bathrooms. Situated in Rancho Santa Fe right by Del Mar Beach this is the perfect vacation for family or friends.


Tiki Moon Villas is a rental experience that lets you rent an entire villa with all its bungalows. The beachfront property is 30,000 square feet and can sleep up to 34 people. If you are packing an extra $2,500 this is a magical vacation for you and some of your closest friends, all 34 of them. With beautiful gardens, koi ponds and the ocean all at your fingertips this Hawaii vacay will be one for the books.