Delightful Destinations Around The World All Chocolate Lovers Need To Visit

Published on 05/19/2021

Part of the reason we all love going on vacation is that we have an excuse to eat whatever we want without thinking about the calories, right? There are certainly no rules, so when it comes to chocolate who wouldn’t want to completely indulge themselves? Believe it or not by all over the world there are many countries that embrace the love for chocolate. If you’re a die-hard chocolate lover then this one is definitely for you! Keep reading to see which top, mouthwatering destinations every chocoholic needs to visit.

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Delightful Destinations Around The World All Chocolate Lovers Need To Visit

Villajoyosa, Spain

Villajoyosa is a gorgeous coastal town located in Spain and is often referred to as “Chocolate City”. The delicious smell of chocolate fills the small town no matter the time of day. Not too many people know but Villajoyosa is actually one of the most historic chocolate destinations in the world. It’s also home to one of the oldest and most esteemed chocolate factories in all of Spain, Valor Chocolate, master chocolatiers since 1881. The factory is housed in a charming 19th-century country estate and has always been a family-run enterprise. Valor also invites visitors into their onsite museum, where one can tour and learn all about the art of chocolate making. This destination comes highly recommended for any chocoholic.

Zurich, Switzerland

No list that talks about chocolate can ever be complete with Switzerland. After all, milk chocolate was created in Zurich so there’s honestly no better place to vacation if you’re a true chocolate lover. The capital of the country is the heart of all the wonderful chocolate production, Lindt, Teuscher, and Sprungli all house their factories, museums, and stores here. Many guests have said that the tours are highly entertaining where you get to experience free chocolate tasting. Are you hooked already? Zurich is also filled with many chocolate boutiques that will give you the unique experience you are looking for. Statistics have shown that most chocolate is consumed within Switzerland compared to all other countries in the world.

London, England

In the world of traditional, handcrafted chocolate, London is definitely the place to go. Several years ago, a “chocolate revolution” hit England when many high-end chocolatiers began producing some of the world’s best chocolate there. London is filled with so many exquisite chocolate boutiques, where only the finest and most often local ingredients are used. London is simply a paradise of chocolatey goodness just waiting to be explored.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re looking for a destination that is somewhat unusual, we highly recommend taking a trip to South Africa. Yes, even the finest chocolate can be found in Africa, sometimes even said to be the best chocolate in the world. South African chocolate is very similar to Swiss chocolate, using many of the same traditions. The world-renowned Lindt chocolate company has an official Chocolate Studio in Johannesburg and Cape Town, while both nestle and Cadbury also has factories in Cape Town. Take our word for it, you won’t regret it! The chocolate is absolutely incredible!