Why You Should Visit Lithuania At Least Once

Published on 10/11/2021

Unbeknownst to many people all over the world, Lithuania is truly one of the most vibrant and exceptional countries on Earth. Over the years, it has undergone many massive changes, which is just one of the many reasons it’s such a beautiful place to visit. This northern European country has so much to offer and attracts millions visitors who are interested in culture, nature, and of course rich history. With welcoming locals, mouthwatering food, and magnificent views, this will truly be one of the most unforgettable experiences. So, take a read and see why you must visit Lithuania at least once in your lifetime.

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Why You Should Visit Lithuania At Least Once


Mainly due to the climate, Lithuanians love to eat food that is filling and keeps them warm. With that being said, there are a variety of different and delicious dishes that everyone must try while visiting this beautiful country. One of the best things about their cuisine is for centuries Lithuanians have created a unique palette of dishes influenced by many different cultures. Although there are numerous traditional dishes that are recommended, some of the ones you have to taste include, Zeppelins, Kugelis, Šaltibarščiai (cold beet soup), and Bulviniai Blynai(potato pancakes).

Very Affordable

Believe it or not but this underrated Northern European country is actually one of the cheapest getaways you can find. No matter what you plan to do, whether it be shopping, fine dining, or going on a big adventure, many tourists have claimed that Lithuania is extremely affordable. And, for those of you who are on a tight budget, this is really the most perfect place to visit. Trust us, your wallet will be totally grateful!

Incredible Nature

Lithuania is an amazing playground for adventure enthusiasts. Boasting a wide variety of gorgeous forests, lakes, beaches, and national parks. What more could you exactly ask for? With so much to do and keep you busy, you will soon see why Lithuanian nature is truly one of its greatest treasures. Locals highly recommend that you visit the Curonian Spit, The Nemunas Delta Regional Park, and Aukstaitija National Park.

Vibrant Cities

Throughout the country, Lithuania has many vibrant cities. However, the one that is considered to be the most vibrant in the country’s capital, Vilnius. This remarkable city is not just rich in history but has an array of architectural styles and attractions to visit. Along with this is also a lively nightlife that will definitely be enjoyed by all. From pubs and bars to romantic restaurants, the options are truly endless. Did you know that in 1994, Vilnius Old Town was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for its tremendous impact on Eastern European culture and architecture, impressive well-preserved gothic complexes, renaissance, baroque, and classicist buildings, and natural environment? You can simply wander around the city for hours and find some of the most fascinating things.