Makeup Essentials To Always Travel With

Published on 12/31/2019
Makeup Essentials To Always Travel With

Makeup Essentials To Always Travel With

Traveling is always fun and great, but when it comes to traveling with a lot of makeup, it can get rather annoying if you overpack. You don’t want to drag a heavy bag around and then find that you hardly used most of the products you brought along. It can be so easy to overpack when you aren’t sure what exactly you’ll need, so naturally, you tend to bring along anything you think you might need while you’re away. However, that’s the main thing you shouldn’t do when packing. Don’t pack for just in case, pack for what you need and will use. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of makeup items that are good to have on every trip. Just remember – you don’t need more than one of each product!


If you’re going somewhere that’s warm and sunny, you should opt for a foundation with SPF in it, just to have that extra protection from the sun. If you’re going somewhere colder, you can take along a regular foundation.


No matter where you’re traveling to, sunscreen is always a must. If you’re going somewhere less sunny, it’s still a vital item to have with and wear every day.


When going to a tropical location or a warm place, you might want to take along waterproof mascara. Otherwise, feel free to take any other kind, depending on your preference.

Blush Bronzer and Highlighter

Any items you can get together in one set are great for traveling. There are so many highlighter and bronzer kits that are compact that are perfect for traveling.

Makeup Removing Wipes

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but all the same, we had to add it. You never know when you’ll want to change your look or need to take off your makeup, so makeup remover wipes are always good to have in your bag.

Lip Balm

We all know how uncomfortable it is to be on the plane and slowly feel our lips drying up. To avoid this, take along your favorite lip balm. It’s always good to have and doesn’t take up much space.


Tweezers are another small and light item that’s good to have while traveling. You might have a stubborn stray hair you need to pluck or even wind up with a splinter you have to take care of.

Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Don’t carry along three options for eyeshadow and think you’ll need them all. Palettes can be bulky and heavy to travel with, so opt for a mini palette that’s versatile. Stick to nude shades that go with anything.


Another compact item that could change your whole look is eyeliner. Stick to one and bring that with you.

Brow Pencil

Of course, you might want to go out and look all put together, so a brow pencil is essential in that case.


Concealer is good to have in case you break out or have any redness you want to cover up while you’re away.


Naturally, you’ll need your tools to do your makeup!