Fun Things To Do In Maui, Hawaii

Published on 02/23/2020
Fun Things To Do In Maui, Hawaii

Fun Things To Do In Maui, Hawaii

You’re planning a vacation to Hawaii, and you can’t wait to go. However, you’re not so sure what exactly there is to do in Maui. That’s where we can help you! If you’re going to Maui anytime soon and want to make the most of the time you have there, keep reading to see what kind of fun things you can do on the beautiful island!


It goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: planning is key when it comes to vacations. To ensure you know what you’re getting into, where you’re going, what you can do, what resources you have there and so on, take a little time to plan ahead. You don’t have to have an entire itinerary planned down to the minute, of course, but all the same, it’s good to know more or less what you want to get done. This will allow you to make sure you have time for everything without ending up having to cut back on activities you were looking forward to.

Nakalele Blowhole & The Heart-Shaped Rock

This is a stunning hike down a rocky cliffside that leads you to an amazing blowhole and the heart-shaped rock. Make sure to wear good comfortable shoes! The hike isn’t too steep, but it still gets your heart rate up. Even if you aren’t one for hiking, the breathtaking views make it all worth it.

Honolua Bay

The walk down to the bay is absolutely gorgeous. Plenty of people like snorkeling for sea turtles there, but you can just view the bay and do snorkeling on a different day.

Beach Day

Of course, you can’t go to Hawaii without having at least a few beach days! Some of the most famous beaches include Napili beach, Ka’anapali beach, and Makena beach.

Clear Kayaking

In Maui, there are some great guided tours. There is one snorkel/kayak tour of the Makena beach area that is incredible. You can book it in advance if you’d like. This kayaking trip will be like nothing you’ve ever done – the water is crystal clear so you can see the lava tubes at the bottom of the ocean!